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“Why Glenn Beck, and Fox News, can’t escape the ‘racist’ trap” ( recounts the corner that Mr. Beck has painted himself into by calling Obama a racist, and then reaffirming it on his national Fox News broadcast.  50 advertisers and counting have now left his show, including a who’s who of corporate giants that most shows only dream of.  I posted the following comment on Digg and Stumbleupon.

I smell a Saul Alinsky moment here. Saul is the 60’s community organizer who figured out that if you organized the neighbors to, say, get together and call the city to clean up the vacant lot down the street, that this would create functional units of organized community that would naturally come together to address bigger and bigger community problems.

I believe it’s good that we start with the cases that are most egregious in the public’s mind, such as Beck. But this organizational moment is very precious and should not be wasted. Saul’s leaning were decidedly to the left, but his methods have been embraced by many on the right. Ultimately the net effect here may be to take more power away from big money corporations and we will be less at the (self-perceived) mercy of heartless organizations that we all unwittingly support. (That’s my fairy tale for today anyway.)

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