Senator "Teddy" Kennedy
Senator “Teddy” Kennedy

We will march for the the public option in health care reform in honor of  Senator Teddy Kennedy on Grandparent’s Day, Sunday, September 13th in Washington, D.C. and in other major cities around the country.


“When Teddy Comes Marching Home Again”


When Teddy comes marching home again.  Hurrah, hurrah.

D.  C. on  Grandparent’s Day,  Hurrah, hurrah.

We’ll take to the streets in a silent storm,

Our cause is Teddy’s health care reform.

As the church bells peal on that Sunday morn.


If Teddy is more than his body then he is here with us today.   He is marching us with step by step, heartbeat by heartbeat, mile by mile.  Teddy described health care reform as “The Cause of His Life”


When Teddy comes marching home again,  Hurrah,  hurrah.

The place is here and now is when,  Hurrah, hurrah.

A father’s tear, a child’s smile,

As we join hands for the last mile

We will retire the no-treatment  strife,

….for the joy of the loving wife,

……..The Cause of Teddy’s Life.

(To the tune of “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”)


See “The Cause of My Life”  by Edward M. Kennedy at

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